Course outline: Excel VBA Programming


Purpose: to introduce the VBA language as used to program in the Excel environment. Please note, this is not an Excel course. Delegates will usually learn some new Excel techniques but the primary aim is to teach VBA and also the fundamentals of programming. As is the case for all our programming courses, the 5 days consist of approximately 50% lectures and 50% hands-on practical work. All our lecturers have considerable experience of both software development and course delivery.

Prerequisites: the course assumes prior Excel knowledge, but not necessarily any programming knowledge. Programming is taught 'from the ground up' in this course.

Course contents:

  1. Excel Macros: Introduction and Review

    • Course Objectives
    • What are Macros, why are they useful?
    • Recording and storing a macro
    • Running a recorded macro
    • Doís and donítís of macro programming

  2. VBA Language Basics

    • Programming concepts
    • VBA Modules
    • Statements and Variables
    • Running code from a worksheet
    • Variable Types
    • Variable Definitions
    • Using Numeric Data Types
    • Using String Data Types

  3. VBA Language: Decisions

  4. VBA Language: Iteration (Looping)

  5. VBA Language: Subroutines and Functions

  6. Programming Excel through VBA

  7. Using the Debugger

  8. Using User Forms

    • Event-driven programming
    • Basic controls: labels, textboxes, checkboxes, option buttons, forms
    • Showing a form from a worksheet
    • More advanced controls: lists, timers, dialogs

  9. Database access using ADO

  10. Using Automation

  11. Presenting and Sorting Data

  12. Conclusion