Course outline: Perl Programming


Purpose: to introduce all the fundamental concepts of the Perl language. The course is designed to equip the delegate to be able to work on Perl projects after completing the course. As is the case for all our programming courses, the 5 days consist of approximately 50% lectures and 50% hands-on practical work. All our lecturers have considerable experience of both software development and course delivery.

Prerequisites: the course assumes no previous Perl experience, but does assume a programming background. Previous experience of Unix and/or shell programming concepts will ease the learning experience considerably.

Course contents:

  1. Language Basics
  2. Variables and Literals
  3. Expressions and Operations
  4. Functions
  5. Flow Control
  6. Advanced Flow Control
  7. Input and Output
  8. Subroutines
  9. Modules
  10. Formats
  11. Advanced Array Functions
  12. Regular Expressions
  13. References
  14. Object-Oriented Programming