Developer training:
Capital Software offer a range of high-quality training courses in modern development languages. While we offer a range of standard courses, we can also provide customized training where required.
We do not run a 'public' schedule but deliver all courses at customer sites. Call us for a quote.
We can also undertake complete training programs for example graduate intake or retraining programs.
All our development courses are hands-on, with the course time split almost equally between lectures and practical exercises. In this way, the student gains an effective real-world view of the topic. The courses are focussed on building realistic development skills, including exploring the weak as well as the strong points of the language under discussion.
Here is a list of our more popular courses. e-Mail for more information or click the appropriate button in the panel on the left for a course outline.
Course Title Description Length
Java Programming An in-depth introduction to the Java language for the experienced developer. The course starts with the fundamentals and continues to the effective use of objects in Java, including inheritance and polymorphism. The course also covers more advanced topics such as multithreading, and use of Java on the web to write applets and servlets. 5 Days
Visual Basic® Development Full overview of the main features of Microsoft’s ‘Windows development for everybody’ language. The course covers forms, controls, menus, MDI applications, object orientation, distributed programming, and databases using ADO. The 4-day version of this course is for those who already have development experience, whereas the 5-day version is more suited to those who are new to programming, or whose programming background is non-PC. 4/5 Days
C++ Programming This course teaches C++ ‘from the ground up’, in that it assumes no prior knowledge of C and proceeds from intrinsic data types to the full object-oriented features including inheritance and polymorphism. 5 Days
Perl Programming This course assumes no knowledge of Perl, but some familiarity with Unix concepts will be helpful. The topics include regular expressions, advanced array and hash functions, references, object-oriented Perl and use of CGI and DBI interfaces. 5 Days
Sybase Programming This 4-day course provides a complete introduction to the Sybase database programming system, including elementary and advanced SQL programming, relational modelling and Sybase-specific topics such as Transact-SQL. 4 Days