Course outline: Java Programming


Purpose: to introduce all the fundamental concepts of the Java language. The course teaches all the basic features and also more advanced concepts such as multithreading, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces. Optional appendices, time permitting, cover topics such as Applet programming. This course is designed to equip the delegate to begin Java development on completion.

Prerequisites: the course assumes no previous Java or object-oriented experience, but does assume a programming background. Previous experience of another object-oriented language such as C++ will ease the learning experience considerably.

Course contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Java Programming Language
  3. Objects and Classes
  4. Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  5. Packaging and Deployment
  6. Exceptions
  7. Arrays
  8. Collections and Generic Types
  9. Working with Generic Types
  10. Inner Classes
  11. Enum Types
  12. Java I/O
  13. Reflection – Inside Java Classes
  14. Introducing Java Threads
  15. Synchronization
  16. High Level Concurrency Support