Course outline: C++ Programming


Purpose: to introduce all the fundamental concepts of the C++ language. The course covers the language from intrinsic data types and operator behaviour, to object-oriented programming including constructor and destructor definition, object modeling, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Prerequisites: the course assumes no previous C++ or object-oriented experience, but does assume a programming background.

Course contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Writing a Simple Program
  3. Intrinsic Data Types
  4. Operators & Expressions
  5. Conditional Flow Statements
  6. Looping Constructs
  7. Functions & Program Structure
  8. Pointers & Arrays
  9. Object Storage
  10. class & struct
  11. Constructors & Destructors
  12. Object Modelling
  13. Class Data & Functions
  14. Operator Overloading
  15. Single Inheritance
  16. Polymorphism
  17. Multiple Inheritance
  18. I/O Stream Class Library
  19. Templates
  20. Exception Handling