Capital Software Development

Online Consultancy Terms and Conditions

Capital Software Development Ltd (CAPSOFT) will enter into a consultancy agreement with a client (the CLIENT) under the following conditions. A CLIENT entering into a consultancy agreement with CAPSOFT indicates full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  1. CAPSOFT will provide online eg Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc or telephone or email support to the CLIENT. The duration, timing and cost of this consultancy will be specified in the individual contract and purchase order between CAPSOFT and the CLIENT.
  2. This support will relate to troubleshooting, training or other services provided to the CLIENT.
  3. This support may require from the CLIENT:
    1. Disclosure by email or otherwise of programming code (CODE). This CODE and any other disclosures by the CLIENT will be kept in strictest confidence by CAPSOFT and will under no circumstances be disclosed fully or partially in any manner to any third party.
    2. In the event that any part of the CODE is fully or partly property of any party other than the CLIENT, the CLIENT agrees that disclosure by the CLIENT of that CODE is with the full knowledge, agreement and sanction of that other party. The CLIENT agrees to indemnify CAPSOFT against any claim, action or other pursuit by any other party in relation to the performance of the support or disclosure by the CLIENT of that code to CAPSOFT.
    3. CAPSOFT will have in place liability insurance of £1,000,000 against the CODE or any part of it being stolen or otherwise obtained by unauthorised parties by theft, hacking or other unlawful means.
  4. CAPSOFT will invoice the CLIENT on a regular basis but with a maximum interval between invoices of one month. These invoices will be for time spent by CAPSOFT providing support, plus any expenses such as travel as required and agreed in advance by the CLIENT. The CLIENT agrees to pay these invoices with a maximum delay of ’30 days end of month’.