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We are a UK company with 20+ years of experience in delivering high quality programming training. Customers have included major IT training companies in the UK, Europe and the USA. Programming topics include Python, Java, C/C++/C# all at introductory and advanced levels. Classes taught are typically to high end financial institutions and high technology companies in electronics, security and aerospace. Courses have been taught worldwide.
Our courses are highly hands-on, a taught chapter of up to 1 hour duration is followed by a practical exercise of about the same duration. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions, generally the more interactive a course is, the better the learning outcomes. The instructor is available during practical exercises to help or advise. Solutions are provided for all exercises, these are reviewed at the end of each exercise.

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Online services

Capital Software are pleased to announce their online training and consultancy services. Programming training can now be delivered online at your place of work or home, reducing travel and accommodation costs while continuing to be able to focus on each individual delegate, answer questions and help with course exercises.

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Consultancy can provide excellent return on investment. A few hours spent with a consultant could save days or weeks of wasted time on a problem, and can help to deliver more timely and reliable software.
We can offer consultancy on a 'booked' basis, where a Capital Software consultant is exclusively available online at specified days and times within UK working times from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. This can be particulary helpful to organisations with a large number of programmers.
Please consult our terms and conditions for more information.

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Landline: +44 1381 610457
Mobile: +44 7734 168728

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